Annual Charts

These two charts show the annual climatological normals for selected world cities. The annual charts are useful in getting a general idea of the temperature, precipitation, and sunshine for a location, but I find the monthly charts and motion charts more useful because the variability throughout the year is made clear in those charts and may be obscured in the annual averages.

This chart zooms in on the annual averages for cities around the world:


The chart below shows the same data as in the chart above, but with the axes going to 0; this gives some indication of the general temperature and sunshine relative to 0:


These data are from the climatological normals of the World Meteorological Organization and the bubble charts were created using the ggplot2 package in R.

On Data, Charts, and Software

Data shown on these charts are from the World Meteorological Organization and, in the case of the Japan motion chart, from the Japanese Meteorological Agency.

The static charts were made using the ggplot2 package in R. Motion charts were made using the googleVis package in R. This document explains the procedure I used to make a motion chart with data from 52 world cities.

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