Here are two videos recorded with Dr. Larry Stowell of PACE Turf about climatological data and their use in choosing grasses. The first is about how it tends to be relatively cloudy in Asia and how I've plotted the data to show the combination of temperature and sunshine.

The second video is about motion charts and how these same data can be shown in a dynamic and interactive chart, with more discussion of how sunshine plays an important role in which grasses perform well as managed turf surfaces.

On Data, Charts, and Software

Data shown on these charts are from the World Meteorological Organization and, in the case of the Japan motion chart, from the Japanese Meteorological Agency.

The static charts were made using the ggplot2 package in R. Motion charts were made using the googleVis package in R. This document explains the procedure I used to make a motion chart with data from 52 world cities.

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